‘Soul, Mind, and Heart’

‘Soul, Mind, and Heart’ A new e-book by Cardinal Timothy Dolan looks at how, in their own different ways, the ...

John Paul II: Freedom Fighter?

John Paul II: Freedom Fighter? Provided ‘a flag under which the faithful could gather’

Papal rules

Papal rules

When was the last time a pope...

When was the last time a pope... Papal historical facts

Necessity of the pope

Necessity of the pope Those outside the communion of the Church lack the authority Christ gave Peter and his ...

A day to remember

A day to remember Despite his historic visit to the U.N., the world didn’t heed Paul VI’s message; will ...

Appreciating Francis

Appreciating Francis Whether or not you like his message or his tone, the Holy Father certainly has the ...

Who is Pope Francis?

The Swiss Guard

The Swiss Guard

John Paul II

John Paul II The people’s pope

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Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'