Mass Readings: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9/Matthew 24:42-51

A Favorite Sinner

St. Augustine simply had to be one of God’s favorite sinners. Despite Augustine’s long list of imperfections—or maybe it is because of them—he is remembered in blessedness. I myself had the benefit of “meeting” St. Augustine in my younger days in a Catholic seminary that I attended for five years. Our library there was one of my favorite hangouts, and Augustine was one of my favorite authors.

Here’s a quote from his Sermon 172, which speaks to all of us who experience grief and loss: “Faithful hearts should be allowed to mourn for their loved ones, but with a grief that can be healed; with a faith which assures us that when believers die they go but a little distance from us that they might pass to a better state.”

Prayer: God, You swallow up sin and death. Praise be to You!