Mass Readings: Micah 2:1-5/ Matthew 12:14-21

Don’t Tell

Seeming unwilling to cause more hostility than necessary, Jesus often cautions those He’s healed to remain silent. Such an approach, which He uses in today’s Gospel, makes sense. However, last year, I heard a retreat director add an additional insight to such calls for silence.

She suggested that Jesus knows that we sometimes refuse to accept changes in those around us. We grow accustomed to seeing people in a certain way. Thus, when they announce they’re changed people, we don’t really believe them. Or their announced changes seem immaterial. The retreat director suggested that, perhaps, Jesus cautions people not to talk too widely and broadly about their healings because those around them will “take away the healing.” That the negative energy of others will strip away the change. I find her suggestion worth thinking about.

Prayer: Beloved Healer, let me recognize the transformations of others.