Supreme Court ruling shows society headed in the wrong direction

Re: “Majority invents legal right to same-sex marriage” (News Analysis, July 12).

I was born and raised a Catholic, although not always following the fine line of the Catholic teachings (more of a prodigal son, you might say), and I am extremely bothered at the direction that our once great nation is heading. Abortion, pornography, physician-assisted suicide, and now same-sex marriage is legal in our country. Sadly enough, this is accepted by many so-called “Catholics,” and this is evident by the six Catholic justices on the Supreme Court at this time. The ruling from the bench was not marriage (one man, one woman) as is our belief. When are the leaders of the Catholic Church going to stand up and say: These are our beliefs, the message is still the same, and you need to get back to them or quit calling yourself a Catholic.

Wake up, fellow Christians; we are the frog in boiling water, and there are those who won’t stop until they chip away at our every belief.

James Ruff, Colfax, Wisconsin

Same-sex marriage

Re: “Where do we go from here?” (In Focus, July 12).

This is the question of the century. Considering that six of the nine justices on the Supreme Court are “Catholic,” one would have thought that the decision regarding same-sex “marriage” would have been a no-brainer. We happen to be our own worst enemy whenever Catholics rise to prominence in politics. Where do we go from here?

William J. Domenico, Hammonton, New Jersey

The recent Supreme Court decision on marriage was most unfortunate. I respectfully suggest, as part of the Church’s response, a renewed celebration of the feast of the Maccabean martyrs (celebrated Aug. 1). These martyrs were seven brothers, their mother and their teacher who were killed for opposing the introduction into Israel of pagan Greek practices, including open homosexual practices. A renewed celebration of this feast would bring to mind the ancient origins of the Church’s support of marriage between one man and one woman.

James Lynch, Livingston, New Jersey

Re: “Majority invents legal right to same-sex marriage” (News Analysis, July 12).

I am thankful that I read OSV for July 12. I was flooded with so much concern in the last few weeks about gay marriage. Thank you for the beautiful article from Helen Alvaré. Her writing best sums up this for me: “The triumph of modern therapeutic individualism.” That’s it. Where is the “we,” as in “We the people ...?” It’s gone, which is a bit saddening but, like you wrote, reality.

I am blessed to have read this. It helps me find the courage to stand up for my faith — courage I know God has given me. Thank you.

John Lies, via online comments

Security plans

Re: “Church security” (Letters to the Editor, July 12).

Father Thomas J. Wissler’s letter to the editor in the July 12 issue on safety in church says it all. You can make all the plans you want, you can have any number of individuals “on watch” as people come into church, but as he says, when the bullets start flying, the contingency plan goes out the door. God bless pastors like Father Wissler. Would that there were many more like him.

Barbara L. Maness, Vevay, Indiana

Gaffigan show

Re: “Comedy ties faith, family” (Feature, July 5).

I watched the Jim Gaffigan show this last week, and there are still things that bother me about it. Most importantly was his reason for not getting a vasectomy: because it would hurt, not because it goes against Catholic teaching. I was surprised that it even became an issue between Jim and his wife. Why would a good Catholic couple even consider vasectomy? Second on my list was the way their parish priest talked to him, with sarcasm and insult. Is that any way to welcome someone back into regular Mass attendance?

I will continue to watch this show, because it is funny and does have potential.

Martha A. Suter, South Bend, Indiana
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