Mass is about Christ’s presence in the Eucharist, not good music

Re: “Three ways parishes can experience a revival of faith” (Guest Column, April 12).

This article really upset me. Very often we hear (usually from youth): “We need newer, more modern music,” or “I don’t like the homilies Father gives.” Well, if that is what you are looking for, go to any Protestant church. I hear my Protestant friends often remark they are looking for a church with good music and good preachers. Catholic churches have much more to offer: Christ himself.

The article had it all backward. No. 3 (“we need a deeper awareness of the reason we go to Mass”) should have been No. 1 — and maybe the only one. We have Jesus who gives himself to us — body and blood, soul and divinity. If you get a good preacher and music you like, I guess that is a bonus.

Wake up! We are not getting across to our youth what a jewel we have in our Catholic churches. Maybe some adults don’t get it either. It is called faith — a gift from God. Jesus is there, and some just don’t get it.

Genevieve Auman, Keizer, Oregon

Notre Dame

Re: “Notre Dame forms partnership with CELAM” (News Analysis, April 19).

Father Jenkins’ mission is to “broaden the understanding of the Church’s mission as a world wide entity”? Is this the same priest who had President Obama as a commencement speaker? Is he the person who prosecuted demonstrators to the full extent of the law, though many were elderly?

He’s a worthy disciple of Father Hesburgh, who declared that he would not serve at the Land O’Lakes Conference of Catholic colleges.

Is anyone surprised that the Cardinal Newman Society doesn’t call Notre Dame a Catholic college?

Joe Scalise, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Prayer to St. Michael

Re: “The devil is real” (Guest Column, April 12).

Russell Shaw wrote an excellent article about the actual existence of the devil. Satan can more easily tempt us if we don’t realize he actually exists.

As a 70-year-old Catholic, I still remember as a youth saying with the priest the prayer to St. Michael at the closing of each Sunday Mass. Part of that prayer said, “thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander the world for the ruin of souls.”

Think of the millions of prayers said weekly acknowledging the existence of Satan if we reintroduced saying this prayer at the end of each Sunday Mass.

William F. Lennon, Mentor, Ohio

Nuclear weapons

Re: “Iran’s nuclear program” (In Brief, April 26).

The chairman of the USCCB committee on justice and peace, Bishop Cantú, and his assessment of the nuclear program being promoted by President Obama shows a shocking lack of understanding of just what this program entails. Iran will be able to refuse inspectors at any time; there is and will be no real oversight of the enrichment system the Iranians are using. Iran is still threatening to destroy our only real ally in the Middle East (Israel), and such capability will be available to them under this agreement within 10 years. Iran’s stated intent after the destruction of Israel is the destruction of the United States. How, please tell me, is this an important step in “advancing a peaceful resolution?”

Barbara Maness, Vevay, Indiana

Bishop accountability

Re: “How should bishops be held accountable?” (News Analysis, April 26).

What to do about dysfunctional bishops? Renounce their title, send them back to the seminary for a “refresher course” on the glory and humility of the priesthood. After that, assign them to a parish as an assistant with no decision authority, to celebrate daily Mass and to visit the poor, sick and the dying.

Bill Bandle, Ballwin, Missouri
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