More sympathy, help needed to fight immigration crisis

Re: “Origins of an immigration crisis” (Guest Column, Sept. 21).

You have been reporting on the immigration crisis with very good articles. The essay by Msgr. Richard Antall should be read by anybody wondering why the Central American children are so desperate in trying to flee the conditions of their countries, and we should all sympathize with the lucky ones who make it. We need more missionaries who could help with the education of these people and the developed countries to help improve conditions instead of offering aid only if they accept contraceptives.

Mariacristina Vonfeldt, Weston, Florida

Abortion coverage

Re: “Catholic universities forced to cover abortions” (News Analysis, Sept. 21).

So I guess the universities will cover elective abortions because that is the law? Maybe the universities can write letters as follows:

“Since the early Christian apostates were forced to offer incense to Caesar (or else be fed to the lions), and we do rightfully and fully acknowledge that becoming lion food is much worse than forfeiting your tax exempt status and/or losing government funding as is our case, we are having our legal department draw up documents strongly suggesting any and all verbiage in the annals of history implying grave sin attached to apostates forced to give up their faith be struck from all historical documents and all written communications and never be spoken of again.

“Should we not get our day in court in this lifetime with those forcing us to comply with the legal health care mandate of the personal elective pre-meditative murdering (abortion) of innocent eternal beings (unborn children), both parties do solemnly promise to appeal to the one who will probably be placed in authority over us in the next life: Satan.

“Signed: Catholic universities forced to cover elective abortions.”

Joe Marincel, Flower Mound, Texas

Marriage needed

Re: “Synod to explore care of divorced, remarried” (In Focus, Sept. 21).

In the article, we are given “two opinions” on whether Communion can be allowed. And the article concludes that Pope Francis does not consider this to be “the synod’s topic No. 1.” Rather, the writer calls attention to what caused this problem in the first place. He said “the family is experiencing a profound cultural crisis.” We know this crisis began with contraception. And, to counteract it, Pope St. John Paul II has defined two sacraments in marriage: the sacrament of creation and the sacrament of redemption. The body of Christ is thirsting for the wellspring of grace that can be provided through this sacrament. To restore true love in marriage and family life, there is a need to eliminate contraception by accepting the call and sharing the grace that our Lord and savior gives in the sacrament of redemption.

Ruth Kavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan

War in Iraq

Re: “No good option in Iraqi war” (Guest Column, July 6).

As a career military man with 28 years of service to our country, I had doubts about our entry into war with Iraq — and certainly about our withdrawal from Iraq. However, Russell Shaw has apparently been infected by the “Bush lied” cant in the popular media. Did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction? Certainly he bragged that he did — and certainly he had previously used them against his own people. Does Shaw have any credible reason to believe that, by 2003, Saddam no longer had WMD’s?

Question our involvement in the war with Iraq all you will, but please do not state as fact “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist.” They did.

Dave Bartholomew, Bothell, Washington


Re: “When donating to charity, here’s what to keep in mind” (News Analysis, Oct. 5).

In our story, we referred to the ALS Association and ALS Foundation interchangeably. The ALS Association raises money for research funding, while the ALS Foundation for Life is not involved in research, only patient care.

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