Do animals go to heaven?

Do animals go to heaven? An apologist gives a Catholic response to a common question asked about our furry friends

Croaked: A boy and his toad

Croaked: A boy and his toad Lessons about life and death — and faith

Letters to the Editor for March 24, 2013 Mass attendance, pro-life issues, women in combat and animals

Spending big on Fido and Fluffy Doggone it, Americans are spending more and more money on man’s best friend.

Why not He, Him?

Why not He, Him? When referring to persons of the Blessed Trinity, capitalizing pronouns is not a ...

Celebrate St. Francis St. Francis is a favorite of children.

Saints and Animals Teaching about the saints

Effects of the Fall

Effects of the Fall Animals suffered before the Original Sin, but suffering is linked to the Fall

Letters to the Editor for June 12, 2011 Poverty, animals, Pope John Paul II, and Catholic social teaching

Testimonials of pet-loving Catholics

Testimonials of pet-loving Catholics Pet-loving Catholics share their stories


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