Opening the Word: A new perspective

Opening the Word: A new perspective Through humility and holiness, we can be changed by the true and unchanging God

Catholics in New Jersey unite to make West Virginia library a reality Catholic students learned of the need for a quiet place for youngsters to read while ...

Church's development

Church's development Doctrine, liturgy and hierarchy have developed from the foundation set in place by the ...

Editorial: Hard to swallow As Catholics, we have a duty to see that those in need of care receive it

Faith at the Ground Level Here’s a look at how dioceses across the United States are putting the Year of Faith ...

Finding the willpower to improve spiritually Demonstrating self-control in small areas of our lives can make a big difference overall

Former abortion clinic employee fights for life Sight of aborted baby caused woman to rethink her pro-choice stance and return to the ...

Magdalene laundries report spurs national reflection

Magdalene laundries report spurs national reflection Irish government’s apology overshadows findings that shatter myths about religious-run ...

Negative media

Negative media The press coverage after the papal resignation could be opportunity for evangelization

Now is the acceptable time A story out of Florida March 1 gives a whole new meaning to Jesus’ words “you do not ...


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