Pet stories

Pet stories While my wife and I don't love animals, our family has had its share of them

Do animals go to heaven?

Do animals go to heaven? An apologist gives a Catholic response to a common question asked about our furry friends

Spending big on Fido and Fluffy Doggone it, Americans are spending more and more money on man’s best friend.

Why not He, Him?

Why not He, Him? When referring to persons of the Blessed Trinity, capitalizing pronouns is not a ...

Testimonials of pet-loving Catholics

Testimonials of pet-loving Catholics Pet-loving Catholics share their stories

Pets — our fellow travelers on the spiritual journey

Pets — our fellow travelers on the spiritual journey How animals can lead us further along the spiritual path by showing the real meaning ...

Can Fido improve your marriage? Recent article suggests people should take cues from how they treat their pets to ...

Do Animals Go to Heaven? Responding to a common question from children

Granting rights to apes, plants, even pond scum A worrying new U.S. and international push to water down rights unique to humans


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