A martyr's story

A martyr's story During communism in Eastern Europe, sacrifices were made to keep the heart of the ...

Letters to the Editor for August 25, 2013 Sin, WYD, immigration, Pope Pius XII, and the George Zimmerman trial

Catholic voices from Eastern Europe

Catholic voices from Eastern Europe The Church in Eastern and Central Europe has made progress in recent decades, but the ...

Faithful trying to fill the hole in the soul of Eastern Europe

Pope to visit Cuba during ‘springtime of faith’ Faith has been rejuvenated by jubilee year of patroness and improving church-state ...

Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church explains challenges of guiding dispersed flock Head of church talks about evangelizing post-communist, secular society

Film by Newt Gingrich, wife explores Christianity's role in Soviet downfall Former House speaker, wife make movie showing Pope John Paul II’s witness

‘Blessed, Broke and Gave’

‘Blessed, Broke and Gave’ We are authentic when — and only when — we give ourselves to God and to our vocations

Church recovers some influence in Cuba Release of political prisoner follows meetings with local Church leaders, Vatican ...

Pope John Paul II and the toppling of the Berlin Wall

Pope John Paul II and the toppling of the Berlin Wall How the pontiff's confrontational stance against communism served as a catalyst to the ...

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