A prayer to see the equality of all, regardless of race

Re: “Virginia priest, former Klan member shares testimony” (Openers, Sept. 3-9).

It’s fantastic that Father William Aitcheson, who years ago was a Klan member, has reformed his white-supremacist views and is kindly but forcefully reaching out to racists. Unfortunately, within my family members, we had some experiences with racism. We’re white, but years ago my cousin married a black man. She was rejected by her mother, who called her grandchild from the marriage and the interracial couple “those people.” Fortunately, later in life my aunt had a change of heart and took her daughter into her home. Let’s pray that God will help us to see that all people, regardless of race, are equal.

Tim Donovan, Prospect Park, Pennsylvania


Re: “St. Joseph’s powerful, silent witness” (Faith, Aug. 6-12).

Thank you for your excellent publication. A friend went on vacation, and he brought back a copy to give me. I liked the article on Fatima and St. Joseph by writer Michael R. Heinlein. News about Fatima and related events are always welcome.

The image accompanying the article (by Angelina Dimitrova / Shutterstock) was outstanding. This photo shows a mosaic in Westminster Cathedral in London. The mosaic’s portrayal of St. Mary is most interesting.

Best wishes to all at Our Sunday Visitor. Keep up the good work!

David M. Heike, location withheld

Hurricane Harvey

Re: “Church responds as Harvey wreaks havoc in Texas” (News Analysis, Sept. 10-16).

This is a great example of how the Catholic Church helps humanity! Lord protect all the people in Houston suffering from the hurricane!

Zonia Fasquelle, via online comment


Re: “Reclaiming hope” (Essay, Aug. 13-19).

I read with dismay Robert Christian’s guest column on “Reclaiming hope.” Here is yet another young person who has fallen prey to left-wing influence under the guise of “progressivism” and “liberalism.” The ultimate goal of left-wing ideology is atheism. The drive is to replace God with the “state,” and we have seen what happens when atheism is allowed to rule: Society becomes merciless.

Mavel Kaderlik, Tucson, Arizona


Re: “Virginia priest, former Klan member shares testimony” (Openers, Sept. 3-9).

The report of a priest who belonged to the Ku Klux Klan/white-supremisist movement at one time gives us pause to remember St. Paul. God actually had to knock St. Paul flat before he could get Paul’s attention. St. Paul came to realize that the early Christians he was persecuting were God’s people, too.

Perhaps we all have to stop and think before we put anyone down because they don’t do things our way, or think like us or, heaven forbid, look like us.

Dorothy Fairbanks, Deer River, Minnesota
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