Letters to the editor for October 28-Nov. 3, 2018

Vatican II’s ‘Christus Dominus’ should be considered in China deal

Re: “Holy See, China reach agreement on bishops” (News Analysis, Oct. 7-13).

Unfortunately the full text of the provisional agreement with the state-run Chinese Patriotic Association loyal to the atheistic Chinese communist government has not been released. The pros and cons to this “deal” including “sinicization” of religions in China have been clearly stated in OSV and other Catholic periodicals and need not be repeated here.

An obvious omission in discussions is the Vatican II document on bishops, Christus Dominus (No. 20), which enjoins: “[T]his sacred ecumenical synod declares that the right of nominating and appointing bishops belongs properly, peculiarly, and per se exclusively to the competent ecclesiastical authority ... this holy council desires that in the future no more rights or privileges of election, nomination, presentation, or designation for the office of bishop be granted to civil authorities.”

Does this China “deal” create for the pope and the Catholic laity another area of controversy relative to the sacred and holy ecumenical council’s declaration stated in Christus Dominus?

-- Joseph Liss, Columbus, Georgia

Frustrated by coverage

Re: Editorials

During my lifetime as a priest I have served under six different popes. Each had a wonderful charism from the Holy Spirit to guide the Church. They all worked hard to spread the Gospel. I have met many wonderful bishops who have inspired me to be a good priest. They work hard not only in visiting our parishes administering the Sacrament of Confirmation, but also being good role models for us as priests and our parishioners.

I have also met and served with many hard-working priests who daily spend time in prayer, pray spiritual Masses, administer the sacraments to their parishioners, spend time teaching in our schools, work with parish organizations, represent the Church at civic functions, support respect for life causes, visit our sick parishioners, prepare couples for marriage, work with the families who have lost a loved one in funerals, and many other jobs. They also have the responsibility of administering the parish finances and staff members.

As I read your news reporting, I get the impression that you don’t seem to take into account that we care about the Church just like you do. I wonder if you understand how many good clergy are working hard every day to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Father Thomas Haren, Garfield Heights, Ohio
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