Science reflects natural truths, but those truths can be exploited

Re: “Faith and science” (Editorial, May 7-13).

I certainly am no scientist and did poorly in my science courses in high school and college, with the exception of biology, in which I was fairly competent. I agree that because a new human being comes into existence at the moment of conception/fertilization, that “it must follow that science should respect embryos as human beings.” However, the unfortunate reality in our culture is that there is no such mandate.

My high school physics teacher, a Marianist religious brother, was very well-versed in the field, but he pointed out that while scientific knowledge was neutral, how it was implemented was not. He explained that technology could distort scientific facts and that such knowledge could be used in immoral ways.

Tim Donovan, via online comments

First Commandment

Re: “The Ten Commandments” (In Focus, March 26-April 1).

A discussion of the First Commandment of God should have included the fact that more than 3 billion people on earth worship false gods. Having in mind that God “wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth” (1 Tm 2:4), one finds it difficult to understand how this great number of people could be saved. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross and of the martyred saints who roamed the world spreading the Gospel seem to have been stymied by the fact that people who worship false gods have increased.

Reynaldo O. Yana, Saipan


Re: “Prison system” (Letters to the Editor, May 7-13).

Thank you, Father Gordon J. MacRae, for advising us of this great tragedy. Although the entire story of imprisonment is somber, for myself, I appreciate that you’ve informed us of the great injustice of ICE deportation. Things are bad enough that people like you are being punished for pleading innocent, now this story of ICE. God help us. We are a confused nation who got even more confused when we kicked God out of schools.

Helen Tangradi, via online comment

Witness of faith

Re: “Model of joy and faith” (Taking Note, May 7-13).

Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute. I wish I had known her, but feel like I do just a little thanks to you.

Angela Pellerano, via online comment

Divine Mercy

Re: “‘Jesus, I trust in you’: Stories of Divine Mercy” (In Focus, April 23-29).

I was blessed by an uplifting confessor on Mercy Sunday in Dayton, Ohio, and would like to thank him and all of our priests.

Michael McCready, via email
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