Catholics have duty to give back to elderly priests

Re: “Dioceses struggle to pay priests’ pensions” (News Analysis, July 10).

I encourage liberal Catholics, former Catholics and traditional Catholics to set aside their differences and be good Samaritans. It is not right to have aging priests suffer with all the ailments of old age and having to bear the financial burdens. For those who have been given much, it is time to give back. The Catholic community at-large has the resources to do so.

Raymond Nicholas, via online comment

Gun control

Re: “Our gun problem” (Catholic Journal, July 10).

As Robert P. Lockwood clearly shows, our gun problem is complex, because our gun problem is also our murder — or mass murder — problem. People intent on murder will find a way to act out with or without guns, especially if they don’t care themselves if they are killed.

We have seen Islamic radicals, psychopaths and the disgruntled over the years resort to guns to take their revenge on the world. But they can also resort to bombs or other methods.

What breeds this craziness doesn’t reside in laws or machine shops but in the hearts and minds of human beings. A gun is only an inanimate object until a human being picks it up. Ultimately, the solution is in how our culture relates to God and life. The answer to violence is not a mystery but well known from the Sermon on the Mount.

Matt Terranova, Hackensack, New Jersey

Race and abortions

Re: “Can’t handle the truth” (Eye on Culture, July 17).

Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece, calls abortion “the civil rights issue of our times.” Michael Curry, president of the Boston branch of the NAACP, believes in the sanctity of life and that we should have a broader conversation on race and life. That being the case, these two black leaders would agree that all black lives, born and unborn, matter. Therefore, abortion should be a part of this broad conversation. This is very important, for, as Albert Schweitzer said, “If a man should lose reverence for any part of life, he will lose reverence for all life.”

Abortion has been called by many “black genocide” ­— and not without reason. First, more blacks are killed by abortion than by any other means. Further, of the 60 million babies killed by abortion since 1973 — when seven U.S. Supreme Court justices issued to doctors a license to kill the most helpless members of our human family, the innocent unborn — two-thirds of them have been black babies.

This is not surprising, because the billion-dollar abortion industry targets black communities. In New York City, for example, more black babies are aborted than are born each year. In 2013, for every 1,000 black babies who were born, 1,180 were killed by abortion. In contrast, in the same year, for every 1,000 white babies who were born, 240 were killed by abortion.

Richard A. Carey, Needham, Massachusetts

Supreme Court ruling

Re: “Abortion ruling raises questions for pro-lifers” (News Analysis, July 17).

Consider the following: The recent Supreme Court ruling overturning the Texas law requiring stricter surgery standards for abortion clinics; the nation’s apparent approval of the unfettered killing of babies; our promoting all manner of sexual deviancy contrary to natural law; Hollywood and other American media polluting the airwaves with pornographic, amoral and other unsavory content. Is it any wonder we cannot win the hearts and minds of people in Islamic countries — or any other country for that matter? Where are the modern-day John the Baptists to rail against defying nature’s God?

Joe Hentschel, St. Louis, Missouri


Re: “Dioceses struggle to pay priests’ pensions” (News Analysis, July 10).

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia did not tell Our Sunday Visitor that it will contribute $1 million to its pension plan before the end of the fiscal year. We regret the error.

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