Church has prioritized safety of children

Re: ‘‘Pope details steps to remove ‘negligent’ bishops” (News Analysis, June 19).

Child abuse has been an ongoing problem in all religions, churches, organizations, cultures and countries, across the world. 

When have you heard of public school administration, leaders of other churches and organizations being held accountable also?   

Our bishops did exactly what the schools and others did, because at the time, abuse was not looked at or dealt with as it is today. 

They reassigned offenders, as did the others. Our Church has so many safeguards in place today.  Let’s show some faith in our leaders. 

Km White, via email


Re: “A little praise from me and a lot of thanks to you” (Openers, June 12).

One day, Gretchen R. Crowe, you may explain to your children why the church was so packed for your wedding: We were there, in spirit, in prayer, in Amoris Laetitia — Our Sunday Visitor Newswekly’s regular readers, who rejoice with you.

Bretta Ribbing, Manchester, Missouri

Lockwood column

Re: “Testimony of Faith from a country parish” (Perspectives, June 12).

Thank you for publishing Robert Lockwood’s column about a small-town parish.

I live in Coppell, Texas now, but I was born and raised on a farm outside Arcola, Indiana, and was baptized and married in St. Patrick’s Church, so I loved the article Mr. Lockwood wrote.

Many of my family are buried in the parish cemetery, and I will join my husband, my son, granddaughter, my parents, etc., there when I die.

Please thank him so much. I subscribe to OSV to keep in touch with my Indiana roots.

Mary Anne Brown, Coppell, Texas

Intellectual diversity

Re: “ What to look for in a Catholic university?” (Faith, May 29)

If you want to test a college or university’s commitment to plurality and diversity, ask for the names of the leading conservatives in the departments of sociology, English or anthropology, or the names of the last few conservative speakers on campus.

Kevin Killion, via online comment

Ali’s legacy

Re: “Muhammad Ali dies” (In Brief, June 19).

As a Christian, I could not understand all the praise heaped on boxer Muhammad Ali.

Ali spurned his Christian beliefs in favor of being a Muslim, and with it, we were exposed to listen to a bragger who touted himself as the greatest. But Christians are reminded to be humble and give all praise and glory to God.

Ali was good with his fists, and so we made him into a hero and role model?

Myself, I prefer Christianity, which reminds us to be peacemakers and humble, and immerse ourselves in the prince of peace, Jesus Christ.

Craig Galik, Duquesne, Pennsylvania

Immigration concerns

Re: “Divided on abortion” (Perspectives, June 12).

Msgr. Owen Campion, in his column, bemoans the Catholic pro-abortion crowd and Catholic universities as listing themselves as “Catholic.”

Words matter, no?

Yet in issue after issue, you refuse to call “illegal aliens” exactly that, but rather “immigrants.” Your latest example of this is on Page 3 of that issue, in the brief “Deportation raids.”

Even the State Department’s green cards for legal immigrants say “Resident Aliens” because they are not citizens.

Shame on you for constantly trying to dumb down us Americans.

Daniel Barton, Fayettesville, North Carolina

Election 2016

Re: ‘A guide to Catholic voting’ (In Focus, May 29).

If only we all took these standards seriously, the world would a better place.

Valentine R. O’Connor, via online comment
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