Ovulation test helps married couples obtain grace

Re: “At-home ovulation test a ‘breakthrough’ for NFP” (News Analysis, May 22).

We rejoice with the good news of an at-home ovulation test. This breakthrough for NFP enables us to fulfill what Pope St. John Paul II in the theology of the body defines as being two sacraments in marriage: the sacrament of creation and the sacrament of redemption.

He tells us: The sacrament of creation is fulfilled through expression of conjugal union in accord with the ovulation for conception of human life. The sacrament of redemption is fulfilled through sacrifice of conjugal union in accord with ovulation for regulation of birth, but “above all” to obtain the grace that is needed for the “remission of sins.”

God is calling many married couples to the sacrament of redemption, and now the long-awaited breakthrough of this ovulation test can enable them to fulfill his call. Through it, the spiritual life and the grace that is needed to restore eternal love in the chaos of our fallen world can be obtained. Let us rejoice and be glad.

Ruth Kavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Election 2016

Re: “Why not all pledge to be respectful this election season?” (Openers, May 29).

Gravely evil ideas need to be vigorously opposed. Yet, I think our argument against evil must always be respectful and civilized. If we cannot lead with love and civility, how will the Church ever find a space to speak truth in a way that will be heard? Civility and dialogue are preconditions for helping people change their minds and attitudes about abortion, contraception, gay marriage and every other dangerous idea in the culture of death. I am reminded of a quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen. “It is entirely possible to win an argument and lose a soul.” I think that rings very true.

Sean Ater, via online comment

God’s creation

Re: “Explaining disasters” (Pastoral Answers, May 29).

Thanks for the delightful wordsmithing: “interplay of light and darkness that makes for a beautiful masterpiece.” I never thought about the molten core generating not just earthquakes and volcanoes but the silver lining of the magnetic field shielding us from radiation. The sun itself provides warmth and light as well as harmful radiation. I have a new picture of God’s universe as quite the balancing act!

Art Osten Jr., via online comment

Catholic colleges

Re: “Notre Dame honors Biden, Boehner” (In Brief, May 29).

When a priest is ordained, he takes a vow of obedience to his bishop. If he should repeatedly and defiantly disobey the directives of his bishop, what should happen to that priest? Should he be defrocked? Should he be excommunicated?

I ask these questions because of the priestly-run “Catholic” colleges that have been honoring pro-abortionists. How can the presidents and directors of these schools be allowed to continue to ignore the orders of their bishops and superiors? How can these colleges be allowed to continue to call themselves Catholic? Should not their Catholic privilege be revoked?

Richard A. Carey, Needham, Massachusetts

Media members

Re: “Hot-button buffet” (Eye on Culture, June 5).

I look forward to the day when a Catholic can report without using judgments that are immediately divisive. Presenting the facts with love and mercy takes much effort and talent.

I think of Mark 9:38-41, and this is the comment in the footnotes for the verse on the USCCB website : “Jesus warns against jealousy and intolerance toward others, such as exorcists who do not follow us. The saying in Mark 9:40 is a broad principle of the divine tolerance. Even the smallest courtesies shown to those who teach in Jesus’ name do not go unrewarded.”

What was Jesus’ priestly prayer? That they may be one. That the pope is recognized and lauded in certain things by non-Catholics is a very good thing.

— Ivi Latronica, via online comment
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