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Witnesses to love

Re: “Nine witnesses to the beauty of the domestic church” (Openers, May 8).

It must be difficult to write an article week after week, yet on occasion, I witness the essence of just what our Lord was all about: love. Love each other, he said, like he loves us. Christianity, our Church and our faith depend on God’s love, and in this world of indifference and confusion, only love remains clear, as 2,000 years ago our Savior gave us everlasting example of a true heart.

There is no doubt that our Church and our faith are being tested in this age, and to me, only love will provide the solution to get us through. Gretchen R. Crowe, in her article, exposed her heart to a family that causes her to exemplify love to the readers of Our Sunday Visitor. I pray we take heed and accept the antidote given by our Jesus and reminded to us by Gretchen through this wonderful family.

Les Johnson, Akron, Ohio

Catholic charities

Re: “Looking for a faithful charitable cause?” (Special section, May 1).

Men and women, not charities, are created equal. I doubt that those listed all met the criteria for giving.

The rule of thumb is that 90 percent of funds should go directly to that charity. A director of one charity listed had a salary of $400,000. Another had fundraising and administrative costs that exceeded 20 percent. Inefficient!

The internet can help find charities and give you info on their efficiency.

The OSV financial adviser says 50 percent of giving should go to your parish, then support legal systems protecting our rights in court — remembering the poor, of course.

Catholic Medical Mission Board was rated highly. Give — but give wisely.

Joe Scalise, Kenneth Square, Pennsylvania
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