Help newcomers follow along during Mass

Re: “The unofficial newcomer’s guide to the Church” (In Focus, March 27).

Making the Mass user-friendly to visitors and regular attendees could be accomplished by announcing the page the prayer is being read from by the lectors and the priest. This is especially useful on holidays like Easter and Christmas, when the church is welcoming to visitors. I attended a bar mitzvah where the rabbi announced every page we should turn to at the beginning of the prayer. It was very helpful. The Catholic prayers in the missalettes found in the pew are sometimes deviated from by the person leading the prayer. It is confusing for newcomers.

Helen Corey, Nashville, Tennessee

Catholic colleges

Re: “Amid crisis of Catholic education, two voices stand firm” (Openers, March 27).

You can’t possibly be a Catholic or Christian of any denomination and submit to the flawed thinking that debases Christian teaching. Overturning biblical teaching in favor of immoral ideas is totally wrong.

Georgetown and Notre Dame are not Catholic universities; they are secular non-think tanks.

Joe Vasapolli, Burbank, California 

Here we go again. The University of Notre Dame decides to give two Laetare Medals this year — one each to Joe Biden and John Boehner. Now, is that being even-handed or what? The medal is to go to a Catholic “whose genius has illustrated the ideals of the Catholic Church and enriched the heritage of humanity. How is being publicly and blatantly supportive of legalized abortion at every step of his political career, and the vice president of the most pro-abortion administration in U.S. history, supportive of the ideals of the Catholic Church and enriching the heritage of humanity?

A.F. Kertz, St. Louis

It’s hard for us to understand how “the University of Notre Dame will present its 2016 Laetare Medal to Vice President Joe Biden.” In our humble observation, Joe Biden hasn’t “illustrated the ideals of the Church,” as is evident by his pro-abortion record and beliefs. 

George and MaryAnn McGehrin, via email


Re: “The Unreal O’Neals” (Editorial, March 20).

I try to be the kind of Catholic that non-Catholics look at and think, “She’s a pretty decent person.” So I am going to say that I find “The Real O’Neals” actually hilarious. Yes, it shows all the bigoted stereotypes we have come to abhor, but in such a ridiculous way that nonbelievers will know we are not really like that. I also enjoy it because it gets people talking and thinking, and it is a form of publicity for our faith.

I say, “Bring ’em on.” What real Catholics are really like is told by our actions.

Laurene Kasper, via email

Fatima statue

Re: “Tour to spread message of Fatima across the U.S.” (News Analysis, March 27).

Welcome Mother of Mercy!

Thank you for coming to the United States. Revive our love of Jesus and bring us back to what really is important in this life: to know Jesus and to love him through you.

Blanca Graham, via online comment

Clergy abuse

Re: “Pennsylvania grand jury details decades of abuse” (News Analysis, March 20).

I am a resident of central Pennsylvania. Prior to the release of the grand jury report on the abuse in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, clergy abuse happened far away from anywhere I have ever lived. Well now, it is hitting home. I read the report; it is chilling.

As I reflect on these crimes, I begin to compare them to the abuses at Penn State University. When that abuse came to light, the man at the helm, Joe Paterno, was fired, his wins were expunged and even his statue was removed from campus. In comparison, the Catholic Church confers sainthood on the man at the helm when all of this evil came to light.

Marcia Gabriel Fox, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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