Seeing red? Remember temperance is a virtue

Bad news: There’s something else we can’t eat. Joining the ranks of butter, eggs, whole milk, sugar, carbs and all the many other dietary “no-nos” is a new enemy, and it’s got plenty of folks seeing red.

The World Health Organization released a study at the end of October stating that red meats, specifically those processed such as bacon, ham and sausage, are now classified as “carcinogenic to humans,” putting them in the same category as asbestos and smoking. Eating even a small portion of processed meats, the study said, can increase the likelihood that an individual would develop a certain type of cancer by 18 percent.

Who wants to bet that the bottom just dropped out of McDonalds’ new all-day breakfast initiative?

Still, this news should come as no huge surprise. Bacon and sausage have never exactly been classified as health foods, and most nutritionists would have advised avoiding them well before the release of these most recent findings.

The take-away here is one that the Church strives to teach in all things: that temperance is a virtue and should be practiced particularly when it comes to what we consume. So cut back on the red meat, up your intake of veggies and every once in a while indulge in something you love. Moderation is key to treating our bodies as the temples God gave us.