Abortion’s ugly truth

“And another boy!”

Had there been a more ghoulish phrase this past summer?

That was uttered by a Planned Parenthood technician. She and her boss were caught on camera exchanging small talk with what they thought was a possible buyer for fetal parts left over from abortion.

The technician was poking through the various body parts left over in an institutional freezer, ticking them off like items for a shopping list — liver, heart, kidney, a bit of brain (described as “war-torn,” insiders’ lingo, I guess, for fetal parts pretty well damaged by the abortion process). Then she cheerfully announces: “And another boy!”

So, here we are. Here is what we have come to with the culture of death that is abortion in America.

Abortion has always been peddled as a semantic game. Stay away from what it is. Build pro-abortion arguments by avoiding the ugly truth of abortion itself. Remember to cover it all up with a shovelful of words and phrases like “viability” or “pro-choice” or “reproductive rights.” But every once in a while, the truth, the reality, the science of what takes place in an abortion sneaks out to the public. It is revealed in what no one wants to talk about, and everyone seems to want to forget.

“And another boy!”

Planned Parenthood’s flacks — in politics, media and on its payroll — have been busy working overtime on this. There have been flapping gums about the “invasiveness” of those who made the undercover videos rather than what the videos revealed; there have been echoes of the “war on women” charge, as if abortions are only performed on the likes of the boy the Planned Parenthood technician recognized.

It is such a horror and most of us want to pull back. We hear in the videos that the fetal parts can be “crunchy.” We have been told for decades that this was just shapeless nothing being flushed away. Then we listen on the video as the technician ticks off that shopping list of recognizable human organs. Organs going up for sale.

And we hear Planned Parenthood people finally leaving the semantic game behind. We hear them referring to life; we hear them referring to individuals. We hear them referring to humanity — not in some vague esthetic, but in its recognizable dignity. This is not the byproduct of an unwanted pregnancy. This is life. A boy.

The revulsion is too strong. The inhumanity we inflict on each other too much to absorb. Most Americans realize that.

The line is from John Donne: “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”

An additional victim in all this is the people of Planned Parenthood. And I am not referring to jeopardized public funding or to their battered public image.

No, I am referring to the voice of humanity, the voice of compassion, the voice of a human soul. You hear it muffled over sips of wine. You hear it losing itself over dollars and legal niceties. You hear it growing fainter and fainter in that laundry list of parts. And you hear it dying in that ghoulish recognition. “And another boy!”

This evil work is killing the very life of the people employed in it. You cannot barter in evil without being absorbed by it; you can’t live with evil without being crushed.

There is only one good in all of this. The controversy that has erupted over these videos proves that we can still recoil when confronting the horror of abortion. Four decades of legalization has not yet killed our collective conscience.

“And another boy!” Think of that life. Think of that boy. And say a prayer for him.

Robert P. Lockwood writes from Indiana.