Restoring right to life only way to call ourselves a truly civilized nation

Re: “A desensitized nation” (Editorial, Aug. 2).

We in America like to think of ourselves as civilized, when the truth is that we are barbaric. We shudder when we see pictures of persons in other countries being beheaded or burned to death. Yet, for more than 42 years right here in our own land, we have contributed to the killing of millions of innocent, unborn human beings.

“An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.” So said Planned Parenthood in 1952 before they had begun their deadly work in the billion-dollar abortion business. This is the same Planned Parenthood that now not only kills unborn babies but sells their body parts. Where is the outrage?

It is illegal to sell the body parts of aborted babies, but it is legal to kill these same babies by abortion. It is all madness, and the only way to restore sanity in our land is to restore the most fundamental right upon which our nation was founded: the self-evident, Creator-endowed, “unalienable” right to life. For then, and only then, can we call ourselves “civilized.”

Richard Carey, Needham, Massachusetts

Abortion and euthanasia

Re: “What impact could videos have on abortion?” (News Analysis, Aug. 9).

This is the time to pressure every representative, senator and presidential candidate on this issue. They love attention, so we should give it to them, using constant media exposure and billboards to announce their “principled” stand. Maybe economists could trot out the amount of money and progress that has been lost through killing 50 million babies. We should learn from Europe, which is fast approaching its demise.

Abortion is always a stalking horse for euthanasia, as is evident in “progressive” places like Europe and Oregon. It makes perfect sense. If it is permissible to kill the innocent babies, it must be downright virtuous to do away with the old and infirm.

George Orwell was prophetic when he said that the first tactic of the new world order would be to change the meaning of words. So murdering the old is “death with dignity” and murder in the womb is “choice.”

Kuhullan Macanvard, via online comment

Addressing ‘complaints’

Re: “Appreciating Francis” (Spectator, August 2).

As a rule, I enjoy reading Mr. Erlandson’s column; however, his glib rhetoric — “these comments make me laugh, because they come from a sector of the pews that also complains about how priests never preach about sin or the devil or substantive issues” is beyond the pale. Is it a complaint to ask your pastor to preach on the Sacrament of Marriage, particularly in light of the unjust judicial fiat of same-sex “marriage”? No. To talk about the family, procreation, children and the moral anarchy of our present culture? No.

The responsibility of our priests is threefold: to preach, to teach and to sanctify. Is it too much to ask that they fulfill their priestly duties?

Joseph Liss, Columbus, Georgia

Defense of marriage

Re: “Where do we go from here? (In Focus, July 12).

Since no human beings can change the nature of marriage (one man and one woman), the Supreme Court has given us same-sex civil unions, which are not the same as marriage. I wish clergy, laity and editors would speak and write about same-sex civil unions, not same-sex marriage. Even “marriage” in quotations is misleading. The Church deals with sacrament of marriage, while the state deals with same-sex civil unions. There is a difference! The decision by the Supreme Court about same-sex couples is very unfortunate and appalling.

Father Harold Brown, Bellevue, Ohio

Grieving loss

Re: “Six ways to help those grieving the loss of spouse” (Faith, Aug. 9).

Thank you for this article. It has helped give me perspective on what I have been going through the past six months. I needed to know others are going through the same things I am.

Evelyn Hamblin, via online comment
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