Dignity at every size

Dignity at every size Catholicism and the size acceptance movement both seek to bring mercy and community

Opening the Word: Come, Lord Jesus

Opening the Word: Come, Lord Jesus When we fight to swim upstream in our culture by witnessing Christ, we are building up ...

Caregiving: A living prayer

Caregiving: A living prayer Amid the frustration, exhaustion and stress of caring for a family member, it helps to ...

Aquinas and abortion

Aquinas and abortion Despite the saint’s teaching on ensoulment, the Church has always clearly condemned ...

Living on a prayer

Living on a prayer Young or old, rejoicing or weeping, when it comes to trusty resources, you can’t top a ...

Roaring ’20s

Roaring ’20s Little discussed now, this decade marked pinnacle of anti-Catholic legal and social ...

Letters to the Editor for November 13, 2016 Catholic voters, care for creation, politics, and Pope Francis

Editorial: New memories

Editorial: New memories The pope’s trip was not a celebration of division, but rather the acknowledgement of ...

'If we were there, we would all be dead'

'If we were there, we would all be dead' After third earthquake in three months, Benedictine Monks of Norcia are grateful to be ...

A movie not about religion, but faith

A movie not about religion, but faith ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ depicts World War II noncombatant’s struggle to live out faith convictions

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