Red Light Robins

As the light turned yellow, I stopped before going through the intersection. Suddenly, a car shot past me on the inside after the light had turned red three or four seconds previously. We’ve all experienced this scenario, as men or women, not satisfied with waiting for the green light, drive right through the red one, seemingly unconcerned that they might smash into a car coming from the side or opposite direction. These same drivers refuse to stay in line on the road behind someone else, but drive at breakneck speeds to get ahead of cars in front of them. I label these terrors of the road, “Red Light Robins”.

What is it about them that moves someone to act this way? These men and women, young and old, drive all kinds of cars. Most are not late for anything, but act as if the rules for stopping and speed control are for everyone except themselves.

Such drivers reflect a growing movement in today’s world at large that holds everyone else accountable except oneself. Does this spring from selfishness, or anger, or frustration, or the unwillingness to believe that we can’t have everything the way we want it? If you are a “Red Light Robin,” examine the way you drive and change your attitude before it is too late.


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