"What are some ways for parish religious education programs to celebrate the Easter Season?"

Most families in our parishes do not understand the whole concept of “Easter Time”. What I always answer people when they ask about it is this: because Easter is such a huge event, it can't be contained in just one day or even one week. Some of the special things we notice are white as the color of the liturgical vestments and the first readings on Sundays are from the Acts of the Apostles rather than the usual Old Testament readings.

An idea which you can present to your families might be for them to concentrate on the first reading of each week. These readings are called “Acts” and not “thoughts of the Apostles or musings of the Apostles”. These are things that were actually done by the Apostles. As the neophytes take time to unpack the mysteries during the period of mystagogy, encourage families to do something. Each Sunday evening they can decide on one thing they will do differently during the next week. It can be to write a letter to a relative or friend who lives far away and tell them how they celebrated Easter. Or they could offer to help a person in the neighborhood as they begin to clean out their flower beds for spring. Perhaps they could do some work around the parish grounds. You could come up with many ideas for families to act like Christians in the season of Easter. Quiet but effective evangelization is always appropriate!