Steps to help children cope with tragedies

Steps to help children cope with tragedies Age-appropriate responses can help minimize fear and confusion to shootings, attacks ...

Our faith sustains us

Involving Families in Catechesis

Involving Families in Catechesis The family is central to our Catholic faith.

Content and Methodology

Content and Methodology Choosing a catechetical textbook series

Helping children understand elections

Helping children understand elections How to teach children key Catholic themes as they are clued in to political discourse ...

Seven Secrets for Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Catechists Recruit and retain catechists

Appropriate Discipline As catechists, we can help parents prepare for changes in the parent-child ...

Find the True Meaning of Christmas What can we do to help young children see beyond their hopes for the latest toy and ...

Promoting a Spirit of Thankfulness As catechists, it’s important that we work with parents to develop grateful hearts in ...

Celebrate St. Francis St. Francis is a favorite of children.

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