Dropout Catholics

Dropout Catholics Faithful flee for a variety of reasons, but we can all work to keep them from leaving ...

Editorial: Gestures of peace from Pope Francis Pope Francis continues to stress the necessity of a ‘culture of encounter’ — that is, ...

Sacred art inspires student artists Religious art has the power to transform lives

You can’t take it with you The treasures of earth are superficial and fleeting

Students connect with the sacred Students at various Catholic universities share what on-campus sacred spaces mean to them

Top moments from Pope Francis’ speech on peace

Top moments from Pope Francis’ speech on peace His words were passionate, but gentle — a mix of a strong charge with a heartfelt plea

Americans disunited

Americans disunited Real goal of organization touting church-state separation is eradication of faith in ...

Clothed with the sun

Clothed with the sun In Revelation 12 and elsewhere in Scripture, Mary is an allegory for Israel, as well ...

Longing for the heavenly banquet

Longing for the heavenly banquet Heaven is the substance of Christian hope, but that does not mean we should be ...

Where art and the divine meet

Where art and the divine meet Students find ‘opportunities for grace’ through religious statues, prayer gardens, ...

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