Mass Readings: Isaiah 65:17-21/John 4:43-54

God’s Will

Monica’s death has had me thinking about Christ’s miracles in new ways. One is that Jesus didn’t cure every sick or terminally ill person in Israel. And the second is that those cured, and even those raised from the dead, later died. Or died again. Neither Monica nor I expected a miracle. We would have loved one and we prayed for it, but our accepting the prognosis wasn’t a denial of our faith.

After Monica died, my mom and I would sometime talk about God’s will and I would mutter, “God’s stupid will.” Knowing I was kidding, Mom would smile and say, “Well, I wouldn’t use that word.” Not that she disagreed that it can seem that way. She joined Monica five months later. God’s . . . mysterious . . . will.

Prayer: Your will be done, Father, even when I don’t understand it, or like it.