Mass Readings: Hosea 6:1-6/Luke 18:9-14

Fortunately, God Repeats Himself

There’s a line in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” that Monica and I quoted a lot: “I think. I get. The point.” Today’s readings and refrain brought it to mind. Mercy. Humility. Love. Come on, God! I think. I get. The point. In the movie, a judge responds, “No-o-o-o-, I don’t think you do.” And Vinny doesn’t.

As do all good parents and teachers, God tends to repeat himself because, as do most children and students, we don’t pay attention all the time. A lot of the time. Years ago I directed a retreat program for teens and gave every direction twice in a row. One time a boy asked me why I did that. “You’re the only one who ever noticed,” I told him. Mercy. Humility. Love. Mercy . . .

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for telling me things more than once. Or twice.