We are Easter people

Good Friday brings faithful to the cross

Good Friday brings faithful to the cross In Focus: Easter Triduum

Confirmed in our faith Defending Christianity is no longer just the province of missionaries in foreign ...

One fickle Sunday Jesus' passion and death were foretold in the Bible by the prophet Isaiah and the psalmist

Some human disasters

Some human disasters We don't recognize Adam and Eve as saints, but we can hope they are redeemed by Christ

Abortion numbers going down The baby-killing industry is in decline thanks to a number of factors

Holy Saturday 'mother of all vigils'

Holy Saturday 'mother of all vigils' In Focus: Easter Triduum

Three Great Days

Three Great Days Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, prepare us for the highest point of the ...

The 'Da Vinci' wars Education and consumer choice may be the best ways for us to send Hollywood a message

'We serve the people who are here,' bishops say Cardinal Mahony's comments backing civil disobedience fan fire of a smoldering debate

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