Mass Readings: Jeremiah 2:1-3,7-8/12-13/Matthew 13:10-17

A Successful Intercession

“If you’re here on July 24, you can come to my St. Sharbel party,” Suzanne said. Thanking her for the invitation, I hung up the phone and whipped out the Dictionary of Saints to discover who Sharbel was. And to try and figure out why my friend was throwing him a party. He’s a Lebanese saint and my friend is half-Lebanese. She subsequently explained that she’d prayed for his intercession when she had to dig a new well. When he came through, she decided to throw him a party. Sixty people came.

Suzanne lives high atop a mountain where Julie Andrews could sing to her heart’s content. The well was blessed by three priests. A barbershop quartet serenaded the guests. Celebration and festivities abounded atop Suzanne’s mountain. What glorious images for St. Sharbel’s Feast Day.

Prayer: Lord of the Dance, thank You for friends who celebrate with gratitude.