Cruising on autopilot

Cruising on autopilot This summer, make a decision to put your phone down and connect with God and those ...

This summer, get creative — with a divine inspiration

This summer, get creative — with a divine inspiration As we take time this summer, perhaps to take up the work of the craftsman, let us ...

Embrace being a lifelong learner

Embrace being a lifelong learner During the summer months, get out of your comfort zone

9 innings of heaven

9 innings of heaven As summer winds down, an appreciation for the peaceful setting of a minor league game

Summer’s swan song

Summer’s swan song Francis instructs us on the importance of slowing down to better appreciate God’s ...

Editorial: This summer, don’t...

Editorial: This summer, don’t... Six things to avoid this summer as you seek to grow closer to God, spend time with ...

Summertime blues

Summertime blues While my family is on break, I am not.

Making Summer Sacred Restore your spirit

Summer Fun Parish fun and fellowship

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