A culture of images

A culture of images Election and misinformation about HHS mandate should serve as a wake-up call to Catholics.

A meaty debate over Friday abstinence

A meaty debate over Friday abstinence Readers’ reaction to Friday abstinence provokes some further thoughts on sacrifice and sin

Building a vibrant, welcoming Catholic culture Now that the election is over, our focus should shift from politics to restoring our ...

Catholic guide to the holiday movie season A survey of holiday films both for families and adults that are of interest to Catholics

Christmas brings out the naughty and nice aspects of filmmaking Classics such as ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ have given way to mean-spirited ...

Opening the Word: Coming in glory

Opening the Word: Coming in glory John the Baptist’s message calls us to conversion as we await the God of justice, ...

Creed translation

Creed translation The new English translation of Nicene Creed brings it into conformity with the Latin text.

Editorial: Let's pump up Advent this year It is all about being mindful that, ultimately, this is a season of joyful expectation ...

'Fiscal cliff' could devastate country's poorest Bishops’ letter urges cuts to spending that would have least impact on society’s most ...

Lawsuits against HHS mandate rage on nationwide Experts see little willingness by administration to amend mandate, meaning ongoing ...

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