Today’s Boys Town

Today’s Boys Town Unmatched care, life-changing results for children, families

The Parish’s Fifth Wheel

The Parish’s Fifth Wheel Gather in all members of the parish community

Helping Grievers Identifying the spiritual lessons of loss

Father Flanagan

Father Flanagan The anatomy of juvenile crime 1921-1931

Best Book Ever on Spirituality

Best Book Ever on Spirituality Sheldrake examines mystical type in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism

Get in Line Willingly

Get in Line Willingly Homily Background for Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Quiet Workings of God

The Quiet Workings of God Homily Background for Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

The Spirit of God

The Spirit of God The Holy Spirit according to John’s Gospel

The French Legacy

The French Legacy Times were bad in days gone by, but strong, creative priests met the needs

Preaching and Personality

Preaching and Personality The homilist must let the Word ‘hug’ and capture him

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