OSV's top reads — June 12 1. Eucharistic adoration in the 21st century (News Analysis, June 11-17)
2. How the Church meets 21st-century realities (News Analysis, June 18-24)
3. Missionaries to our children (Faith, June 18-24)
4. My motto for married life: 'It's always better to love' (Openers, June 11-17)
5. The menorah: History and mysteries on display in the Vatican (Feature, June 18-24)
6. Young people are leaving the faith. Here's why (In Focus, Aug. 28, 2016)
7. Difficulties we encounter in prayer (Faith, June 11-17)
8. What's in a name? (Opening the Word, June 11-17)
9. How to survive — and thrive — after a change in pastors (In Focus, May 28-June 3)
10. Moral of the story (Eye on Culture, June 18-24)