Lent survival tip No. 5: Let God get a word in edgewise

When God speaks, it helps to be listening. With all the distractions, both good and ill, it can be easy to tune out, oftentimes without even realizing it.

Maybe it’s noise. Checking the cell phone before even getting out of bed, pestered by alerts. Watching or listening to the news while getting ready in the morning. Flipping radio stations on the way to and from work. Playing music throughout the workday. Watching TV shows in the evening.

Maybe it’s too many Lenten disciplines. Stations of the Cross. Liturgy of the Hours. Rosaries. Adoration. Daily Mass. Chaplets. Novenas. Litanies. Scripture and other spiritual reading. Multiple fasts. Endless service activities. All good ideas, but ones that can become hurried and just something to check off.

Where is the silence?

Fast from the distractions this week. Whether five minutes or an entire day, get rid of the noise, extra disciplines and activities that are getting in the way, and listen. Talk to God, offering praise, thanksgiving and petition, but intentionally dedicate time to silence. Listen, and let God get a word in edgewise.

Each week during Lent I am sharing a quick tip on each of the three disciplines of the season: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. So tune in throughout the coming weeks for more ideas! May God bless your efforts this second week of Lent!

Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.