Lent survival tip No. 4: Make it a love affair

I set my alarm for as late as possible. When it blares, I don’t move. I rush to get ready. My mind being on other things, the giving envelope gets left behind, again. Speeding gets me to the church with a few minutes to spare — I can even sit up close still. I get settled, kneel down, mutter a few hurried prayers, the cantor speaks, and Mass begins.

Sound familiar? On days like this, it can be difficult to fully enter into Mass. We can be distracted, unengaged and unprepared.

And yet, in the Mass, heaven kisses earth. Christ — body, blood, soul and divinity — offers himself to us unreservedly. We should be racing to Mass, but not because we are running late. Rather, we should hurry to see the one who waits for us day and night, the one we are going to receive so intimately, the one to whom we are called to give ourselves again and again.

The Mass is an unparalleled opportunity to give ourselves to our beloved in unabashed worship. Don’t pass it up.

Each week during Lent I am sharing a quick tip on each of the three disciplines of the season: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. So tune in throughout the coming weeks for more ideas! May God bless your efforts this second week of Lent!

Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.