Mass Readings: James 1:12-18/Mark 8:14-21

God with Us

God is not schizophrenic. This seems obvious when we put it that bluntly. But lots of people do seem to give the impression that they think He is. They talk as though God is out to get them, or trying to make them sin in order to nail them for it, or dangling some temptation in front of them. James will have none of that.

Sure, God permits temptations to come our way: which is another way of saying “God gives us our freedom.” But the temptation is conceived and born from our own disordered appetites, weakened will, and darkened intellect. God, in contrast, not only does not change or jerk us around, He gives us “birth by the word of truth that we may be a kind of first fruits of his creatures.”

Prayer: Father of Lights, help me to trust that You are always with me to defeat temptation.