Thanks to the press

If you want to get a deeper understanding of the blatant bias that exists in many newsrooms, watch and listen to see not only what they cover, but what they don’t cover as well. It’s very revealing but it is also very dangerous — particularly when it comes to the culture of death and the health of women. 

This type of approach is occurring in waves, not only in the way the major media outlets have been covering issues related to Obamacare, but also in my home state of Michigan concerning the abortion issue. Pro-life groups were very pleased with a historic package of bills passed recently by the Michigan House of Representatives. The bill, if passed by the Michigan Senate in the fall, will amend our public health code to bring about badly needed reform in the abortion industry. 

One would think the media would be interested in letting their readers, listeners and viewers know the bills will mean safer conditions at abortion facilities.  

I know what you’re thinking — the words safe and abortion don’t belong in the same sentence. It’s certainly not safe for the baby in the womb and certainly not safe for the mother considering the well-documented research showing the complications associated with abortion ­— both physically and emotionally.  

However, most people think that abortion clinics are just like any other medical clinic that performs surgeries. They assume they are licensed and that those involved in the abortion industry are complying with state regulations. According to a Right to Life report issued earlier this year only four of 30 surgical abortion clinics in Michigan are actually licensed as outpatient surgical facilities. Right to Life’s report also documents years of abuse regarding safety and health laws. The new package of bills passed in mid-June would require all surgical abortion centers to be licensed as well as inspected by the state. The measures would also screen women to find out if they were coerced into the abortion and would also prohibit dispensing emergency contraceptives online via internet connections. 

These sound like not only reasonable measures but basic common sense even for those who support legalized abortion. No one would ever think of having any type of other surgery done at an unlicensed medical facility. If similar abuses were occurring with any other type of medical procedure, it would make major headlines. Not when it comes to the sacred cow of abortion.  

Outside of a few editorials here and there, and interviews on Catholic and evangelical radio, very little of this crucial information is being reported by the Michigan newspaper and broadcast outlets. They have concentrated almost exclusively on the censure of two staunchly pro-abort state representatives whose testimony was cut short. Even the facts surrounding the censure itself have been completely lost. The language used by the lawmakers, who basically compared the bills to rape, was not exactly up to the level of professional decorum called for during legislative testimony. 

The censure was turned into a media circus with all the usual pro-abortion players jumping into the middle of the ring, complete with a protest on the steps of the Michigan capitol building. Pro-lifers were called all kinds of names and accused of continuing to wage the “war on women.” 

Meanwhile the real war on women is being waged, in a big way by an industry that has benefited greatly from the ignorance of the general public and by a press that has basically been operating not as public servants, but the public relations arm of the pro-abortion movement. 

Teresa Tomeo is the host of “Catholic Connection,” produced by Ave Maria Radio and heard daily on EWTN Global Catholic Radio and Sirius Channel 130.