Pontiff’s aptitude for new technology

Pope Benedict XVI continues to be a growing presence in the digital world. With his Pontifex Twitter account attracting more than 2 million followers in nine languages, he recently made news with his ongoing embrace of new media and technology. 

In his World Communications Day message, “Social Networks: Portals of Truth and Faith; New Spaces for Evangelization,” released Jan. 24, the pope extolled the ability of social media to evangelize and to promote prayer and reflection in this digital age. 

“These spaces, when engaged in a wise and balanced way, help to foster forms of dialogue and debate which, if conducted respectfully and with concern for privacy, responsibility and truthfulness, can reinforce the bonds of unity between individuals and effectively promote the harmony of the human family,” the pontiff wrote. 

A day earlier, Pope Benedict’s “Pope App” generated much buzz. The application, available now for iPhones and iPads with an Android version coming later this month, offers live streaming of papal events, video feeds, news alerts and papal quotes and photos.