There’s a reality show on the cable network TLC called “What Not to Wear.” In each episode, show hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly take fashion-challenged people — mostly women, with the occasional man — and give them style tips that can transform them from frump and slob to fashionista and sharp-dressed man. 

If a June 23 Rome Reports story on a new competition is any indication, the show could have a special episode on clerical vestments. 

Many hideous examples can be found on the blog Bad Vestments (, which is described as being “dedicated to subjecting particularly awful Christian liturgical vestments to the ridicule they so richly deserve.” Most ugly vestments are Episcopalian, with a few Catholic ones included in the mix (for example, a vestment worn by Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, England, is likened to a “Star Trek” uniform). We’re talking about tie-dyed monstrosities here, along with floral concoctions and designs that look like a 2-year-old went crazy with a can of paint. 

Visitors to the site currently have the opportunity to cast a vote in the 2009-2010 Bad Vestments Worst Vestment competition.