Go the F*** to Sleep

What does it say about the state of our culture that the No. 1 book in the “parenting and families” category at mega-retailer Amazon.com at the start of the month is a book called “Go the F*** to Sleep”?  

As the title suggests, the author weaves into a traditional good night story liberal doses of expletives to mock the frustration of parents at their children’s bedtime. 

And it seems to have struck a chord, shooting to the top of The New York Times best-seller list and going viral — complete with an online dramatic reading of the book by actor Samuel L. Jackson. 

But is it really funny? 

In our view, some critics come across as ridiculous stick-in-the-muds — one even compared children to “other marginalized groups.” 

And yet, even if we can relate to bedtime frustration, should we delight in indulging it? 

Commentator Karen Spears Zacharias makes a good point: “The violent language of ‘Go the F*** to Sleep’ is not the least bit funny, when one considers how many neglected children fall asleep each night praying for a parent who’d care enough to hold them, nurture them and read to them.”