Britain’s Catholic bishops appear to be caught up in the frenzy over the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Earlier this month, the bishops released the following prayer for the couple:

Heavenly Father,
we ask your blessing
upon his royal highness, Prince William, and Catherine
as they pledge their love for each other in marriage.
May your love unite them through their lives.
Grant them the strength to serve you, our country and the Commonwealth
with integrity and faithfulness.
Through Christ our Lord.

This prayer is in addition to one released by the Church of England (of which William will be the supreme governor when he is sovereign), which asks God to “look in favor on William and Catherine and all who are made one in marriage.”

Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, writing in the [U.K.] Catholic Herald, weighs in on the prayers, saying the Catholic bishops are “more fervently royalist in tone than that of the Established Church.”