Celebrating another important part of Archbishop Noll’s legacy

Re: “A century of serving the Church” (Special Issue, Sept. 30) and “Continuing legacy a key theme of OSV celebration” (News Analysis, Oct. 7). 

A number of Victory Noll Sisters participated in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Our Sunday Visitor on Sept. 28. It was an especially great joy for us because of Archbishop John F. Noll’s close relationship with us as a congregation. I was personally moved to hear the praise of the archbishop’s zeal and thrust for evangelization. It was this zeal that, in God’s providence, resulted in the creation of a new congregation, Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, to proclaim Christ’s love to the poor through catechetics, social work and nursing.  

It was through the publicity we received in Our Sunday Visitor that many of our members came to know about this “new” congregation founded in 1922. It began as early as 1926 in a front-page article dated June 20. The title of this article, “Our Missionary Catechists and Problems of the Southwest,” is just one example of how Our Sunday Visitor made known our existence and purpose. Also, numerous ads were published free of charge inviting women to join this fledgling congregation. 

Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate not only the accomplishments of Our Sunday Visitor, but also its founder, our dear friend and benefactor, Archbishop John Francis Noll. It was because of his support, encouragement and missionary concern for those close to home, and in more distant places, that more than 500 Victory Noll Sisters have served in 35 states, Bolivia and Panama for more than 90 years, evangelizing, catechizing and preparing children and adults to celebrate the sacraments, as well as training countless laypersons to do the same. 

Sister Beatrice Haines, President Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, Huntington, Ind.

U.S. is part of globe

Re: “Home and Away” (Spectator, Sept. 30). 

There is reference to the fact that Denis McDonough, deputy security adviser to President Barack Obama’s administration and a Catholic, gave an exhaustive history of the administration’s efforts on behalf of religious freedom around the globe. 

I assume that Obama and his cohorts do not think that the United States should be included in “around the globe.” 

Several weeks ago, there was an article on religious freedom in the United States and the statement made by Hillary Clinton at the U.N. Conference on Religious Freedom. After reading her statement, one would be led to believe that she is really concerned about religious freedom — but apparently not in the United States. 

Agnes G. White, Hoffman, Ill.

Not so balanced

Re: “V.P. candidate’s budget plan sparks debate” (News Analysis, Sept. 2). 

Although we’d like to think Our Sunday Visitor intended this to be a balanced article, that’s not how it came across to us. After Stephen Schneck’s views of Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” plan, OSV felt it necessary to add that Schneck is “supporting President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.” This was followed by Schneck’s statement, “We are morally obliged as a civilization to care for people who can’t take care of themselves.” While we agree with that last sentiment, have Schneck and OSV forgotten how pro-abortion Obama is? Who is more defenseless than the unborn? 

By not pointing out Schneck’s contradictions and Obama’s pro-abortion record, OSV might as well have replaced this article with a full-page ad reading: “Re-elect President Barack Obama on Nov. 6 and continue abortion on demand!” 

Calvin and Rita Braun, Spring Lake, Mich.

Clarification needed

Every vote counts” (Editorial, Oct. 7) includes a misleading claim regarding the upcoming vote in Minnesota. The editorial says, “Four states have ballot measures that could end up legalizing same-sex marriages: Minnesota, Maine, Washington, and Maryland.” 

The Minnesota vote is on an amendment to the state constitution that would say marriage can only be between one man and one woman. The state of Minnesota already has a law against same-sex marriage.  

Dean Bishop, Austin, Minn.

Centennial kudos

Re: “A century of serving the Church” (Special Issue, Sept. 30). 

Many thanks for producing and sending this issue to OSV subscribers. I forwarded it on to the Ann Arbor Dominican sisters, who teach Church history at St. Michael Catholic Grade School in Worthington, Ohio. 

Don Munhall, Worthington, Ohio

Sheep vs. sheepish

Re: (“Are Catholics ‘sheep’?” Sept. 9). 

There’s a difference between being sheepish and being sheep. In biblical times, when shepherds brought their flocks into town, the sheep intermingled. But each flock recognized the voice and signals of its shepherd and separated themselves from other flocks when called. Catholic sheepishness is wrongheaded thinking, but when Christ calls us into service through his Church, true followers heed his voice. 

Robert Bonsignore, Brooklyn, N.Y.