Welcome to the fourth annual edition of OSV’s Guide to the Internet.

In the past, we’ve given you our picks for the best Catholic places to go on the Web, along with OSV readers’ choices of must-visit websites and blogs.

Although there are hundreds of great Catholic sites and blogs out there, the Internet’s reach is ever-evolving, with social media connecting users with one another around the world and Amazon.com’s ebooks outselling their traditional counterparts.

So, this year, in recognition of the Internet’s ever-growing presence in our lives — not just in our home and office computers, but in our cars, our TVs, our phones, our pockets and our purses — we’re taking a look at the apps, ebooks, enewsletters, Twitter feeds and other electronic amenities that bring us news and information, give us a good laugh and overall help us to better understand the world as Catholics.

In addition, three tech-savvy Catholics reveal their “go-to” places — Catholic or otherwise — on the Internet.

May your surfing, texting and tweeting deepen your faith!

What is it?

Angry Birds
Google Plus

Church & new media

Best places to go for a laugh

Catholic Bloggers


Jeff Geerling

Jeff Geerling is a computing, Web and media consultant who is the creator of LOLSaints.com and lifeisaprayer.com.


Frank Weathers maintains the blog Why I Am Catholic (yimcatholic.blogspot.com), an online gathering for Catholics and those discerning entering the Church.


Kris McGregor blogs and podcasts at www.discerninghearts.com.