Introducing new special section that’s not only for seniors

In this issue, we introduce a new annual special section on “Catholic seniors’ retirement and assisted living.” I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the idea when it was first proposed in one of our meetings, but the more we thought about what sort of content we could provide, the more we saw enormous potential. 

Packed into a few short pages (see Pages 9-16), we’ve got: 

  •  A profile of three Catholic retirement communities across the country and some tips on what to ask if you’re looking into one. 
  •  An interview with an Ohio deacon and his wife who have devoted their ministry to those in the “second half” of life and who discuss their own upcoming retirement.
  •  A co-founder and director of an all-volunteer organization who gives seven keys to seniors on how to find opportunities for volunteer service and avoid common pitfalls. 
  •  Profiles, to mark the close of the Year for Priests, of five retired priests and how they are living their retirement. Ever wonder what retirement is like for a priest? 

Unfortunately, we were limited by space and had much more material that didn’t make the cut, including a reflection on how to foster an age-specific spirituality for seniors, a report on a rise in the United States on multiple generations living under the same roof, and profiles of several saints who didn’t get down to the business of sanctity until their later years. Guess that will have to wait until next year. 

I am very interested to hear your feedback on the section. I realize most of you may not be seniors yourselves, but I think you’ll still find the stories interesting. (And it is never too early to look ahead.) You might also consider passing this issue on to a Catholic senior you know. 

Let me know which stories resonate with you, which don’t, and how you think we could improve the package for next year. 

“Old age comes from God, old age leads on to God, old age will touch us only so far as he wills,” wrote Jesuit theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. 

* * * 

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