A vocation as God’s journalist

I remember well the first moment the idea of working in the Catholic press solidified its place in my heart. Newly graduated from the journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill, I had moved to Durham where I spent 10 months planning Catholic Campus Ministry programming and welcoming freshmen into the Catholic family at Duke University. I also considered myself a kind of self-appointed UNC spokeswoman, never missing a chance to wear my bright blue Carolina sweatshirt around campus on big game days.  

They just loved me. 

During a speaker series for the students that fall, a local Catholic, just as an aside, mentioned how his wife had found her vocation in writing for the local Catholic newspaper. He told us how she was using her journalism background as a tool for helping build up the kingdom of God in her own special way.  

In that moment, I knew God was speaking to me. I’d grown up Catholic, but it really was my campus ministry experience at UNC that set my heart on fire. I’d been looking for a way to serve God through my career, and, suddenly, a door had opened and the path was lit. 

Ten years later, I am so grateful to God for the opportunities with which he has blessed me. I spent nine wonderful years working for the Arlington Catholic Herald in Virginia, reporting on everything from Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the nation’s capital in 2008 to the HHS mandate to senior citizen luncheons and seminarian softball games. Our Church is such a beautiful, diverse mixture of major headlines and quiet faith.  

As I get settled in as editor of the OSV Newsweekly, I look forward to continuing to serve you, our readers, in the tradition of excellence that OSV has earned for itself throughout the last century. I am excited and energized by the opportunity to help continue Archbishop John Noll’s important legacy of educating the faithful, defending the Church and serving God.  

This is an exciting time for our Church — one where, for better or worse, there’s never a shortage of subjects on which to report and analyze. And, more importantly, there’s never a shortage of opportunities to learn and grow in faith. 

A few years ago, a Nashville Dominican sister asked me if I’d ever considered a religious vocation. I told her, with thanks, that I had found my vocation in the Catholic press. 

Her response was: “You’re God’s journalist!”  

That phrase always has stuck with me as one that so simply gets to the heart of the mission of the Catholic press. And I think that’s a title all of us who work on the OSV Newsweekly would be proud to own as we continue our mission. 

As the Church embraces our new Pope Francis, I look forward to working in collaboration with the excellent team at OSV to serve and further the mission of the Church in a capacity where we’re truly all God’s journalists. 

I’m delighted to be here. 

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