Relax, OSV! We'll survive transition to revised Missal 

I was surprised that in the discussion of saints (“Archaeologists claim to have discovered St. Philip’s tomb,” Aug. 28) you did not mention that significant relics of St. Andrew are not only in Scotland but also in the Basilica of St. Andrew in Patras, Greece, where he was martyred on an X-shaped cross.  

In the 1960s, Pope Paul VI, as a gesture of goodwill, presented to Patras some of St. Andrew’s relics, consisting of a small finger, the top of his cranium and pieces of the cross. In June 2006, I was privileged to be able to venerate those relics in Patras during a tour of Greece. 

— Frank Johnson, Winter Park, Fla.

Editor’s note: You are correct. Thank you for the clarification. 

In priests’ hands

Re: Mark Weber’s letter to the editor, “Communion in hand” (Aug. 28), calling it an “acceptable practice established at the Last Supper.” 

What seems to be forgotten is that on the same night the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist was instituted, Jesus also instituted the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the priesthood, in whose “hands” his flesh and blood would be consecrated for future generations. 

John Patrick Pié, Laurium, Mich.

Catholic ID on campus

How far has the Catholic faith fallen? In the past year, I have had the opportunity to visits several Catholic college/university campuses (Special section, Sept. 18). The clearest example of the fall of our faith is how sanitized the presentations are and how the presenters practically trip over themselves to say things to distance themselves from the Catholic faith. The term Mass or liturgy was never used. Philosophies of the orders that founded the institutions — not the faith that Jesus has given us — are used as the principles of the institutions.  

We are too apologetic about who we are. Somehow, people have misplaced the use of the term Catholic or they fear referencing very specific terms of the faith, such as Mass or liturgy, could be viewed as our attempt to bludgeon people into believing or they we are offending them.  

I am asking for a proper demonstration and recognition of the Catholic faith on Catholic college and university campuses. If you have gone to colleges or university associated with other faiths, you will be made well aware of their faith and what is expected. Higher learning is not mean lower expectation of our faith. 

Raymond Schratz, Butler, Pa.

Misguided direction

I refer to two letters to the editor, by Fernando Calvarese and James B. Black (Sept. 11). 

I agree with them 100 percent. My wife and I, along with our five sons, are also immigrants, having immigrated to the United States in 1981. We came here as legal immigrants. Just like many of our friends in Pakistan, we waited our turn to come here. 

It seems to me that the bishops of the United States would do everything in their power to flout the national immigration laws. But we who have come here will do our level best to see that “Give unto Caesar, what belongs to Caesar” will at all times prevail. 

Even now there are hundreds of persecuted Christians in Pakistan who prefer to follow the immigration laws and wait, sometimes for 10 years or more, before coming to this country. Why? Because of the illegal immigration encouraged by the U.S. Church leadership that is clogging the system. 

— Walter E. Marston, San Francisco, Calif.

Long overdue

The Catholic League report is long overdue, and I was glad to see OSV have the courage to cover it (“Report questions motives of victims’ groups,” Sept. 11). Archbishop Timothy Dolan is not the only bishop to empower SNAP only to regret it because of the Draconian policies that now deprive accused priests of basic civil rights and liberties. More bishops should have the courage to stand up to them. 

Dorothy Stein, Indianapolis, Ind.

Catholic encouragement

Your newspaper is sent from God to me! I need good Catholic news and nourishment on a weekly basis, and you provide it! 

I recently came back to the Catholic faith after being away for almost 20 years. Your newspaper and My Daily Visitor fill me with Catholic ideas and news and encouragement. 

May Our Lady send you graces most abundantly! 

— Doreen Mueller, Clinton Township, Mich.