Anyone can be the target of bullies

Why would OSV single out homosexuals as the only ones picked upon “In Down With Bullies” (Editorial, Oct. 24)? Bullies pick on anybody, regardless of sexual orientation. 

Murder, suicide and violence have no fairness and happen daily across the country. Unconsciously, the “gay movement” has found another supporter in the Catholic press, who help further its cause and their undeserving rights by giving it “respectability.” 

Tyler Clementi, the gay college student, should not have died, nor should he have engaged in homosexuality. Why doesn’t the Catholic press point out “sin”? Why didn’t anybody call sin a sin? Why is the Catholic press so cowardly? 

— Craig Galik Duquesne, Pa.

Special interests 

Re “Is the tea party at odds with Catholic teaching?” (News Analysis, Oct. 17): 

We as Catholics better think twice before we vote for any of them. They want to take away help for the poor and needy. We need better health care like President Barack Obama is doing for our country. Democrats have our government put out better things for their people. Republicans and the tea party are for their special interests only. 

— Roy Roberts Union Star, Mo.

Double standard

If I were a Catholic politician who spent his entire career passing legislation to legalize the killing of unborn children, I could have two cardinals presiding at my funeral. Yet, if I were a Catholic tea party candidate running on a pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage platform, I would be criticized for my stance on immigration policy, health care reform and Social Security reform. No wonder our pews are empty.

— John Snyder Olympia, Wash.

No contradiction

I see no contradiction between the tea party and Church teachings. I believe welfare promotes immorality — babies born out of wedlock, destruction of the family, a feeling of entitlement without effort.

In the Bible, Christ tells individuals to help the poor, not the government. People would put more importance on church participation if charity was provided by churches and not the government. Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins and is as bad as selfishness. 

There would be a lot less waste, if government was smaller. I have a feeling that the government gets the majority. I believe in helping those who truly can’t work; however, there are many who could work but choose to use the system instead. 

— Dolores A. Buchanan via email

Personal responsibility 

Jesus was not a social worker. Jesus was our savior. Never once did he say, “give to Caesar and Caesar can then distribute it to the poor.” 

We as individual citizens are responsible for the poor, not the government. This is what the tea party is saying! 

It is fantasy (and not Church teaching) to believe government can ever replace personal responsibility and concern for our neighbor. Look at health care. Government is now involved. Now we have the government telling us it is all our responsibility to help pay for abortion. Does that comply with the basic teachings of the Church? 

Our bishops should be clamoring for the government to get out of our individual lives. The tea party is. 

— Lawrence J. Reichert Hays, Kan.

In harmony with Church 

Stephen Schneck of The Catholic University of America is wrong that there is division between the tea party and Catholic social teaching! The movement does not argue for rights based on liberty, without responsibility. I have talked with people from all across the United States, and all say there is no liberty without responsibility. Schneck might review Catholic social teaching with regard to forced giving via taxation by the government. Our most-loving God gives little credit to required charity if I recall the Baltimore Catechism and theology studies. 

The tea party people believe in being our brother’s keeper, individually, and in voluntary groups such as churches, missionaries and civic groups. By the way, most patriot meetings start with prayer and include dialogue given to various viewpoints with kindness and respect. Tea party groups’ philosophy is in good harmony with Catholic social teaching. 

The citizens, who are average Americans, that are tea party participants believe in the Constitution, limited government and spending, and are pro-life. 

— Robert Silliman, SFO Antwerp, Ohio

Choking on quote 

I almost fell out of my chair when I read the quote “[He] always carries a picture of Mary Help of Christians in his wallet.” First lady Michelle Obama speaking about her husband, President Barack Obama. ...”  

What in the world were you thinking when you printed this quote? Obama is barely a practicing Christian. He is pro-abortion — he has voted this way and acted this way all his public life! 

He is doing more to undermine the American way of life than any other president in our history. And nothing that Mrs. Obama has done or said makes me believe that she is any different. Please, in the future, get verifiable facts, rather than use syrupy quotes. 

— Therese Abbenhaus St. Louis, Mo.