God leads woman from work world to Religious life

Re “Catholic career counselor helps unemployed hear their call” (News Analysis, March 14) and the follow-up question “What has helped you most on your search for employment?”: 

Prayer and the reminder that Jesus is in control and he knows what he is doing in my life, listening for his voice and trying to “let go” and trust him ever more deeply. 

So far, I have still not found a job, but in the immediate wake of losing my previous one, I did take time to step back and pray, inspired by Our Lord’s instruction to “seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.” Well, I found God leading me to explore the possibility of a religious vocation. I am currently in the process of selling my house and divesting myself of the last of the things I cannot bring, planning at this point to begin life as part of a community just after Easter. 

— Ellen Reddick, Rock Hill, S.C.

Correct grammar needed

Re “Word Games” (Spectator, March 7). 

Who’s gonna say we gotta fix our speech? Our English language is not only being manipulated by our politicos and news media on a daily basis, but it is being mangled by the same sources. “Going to” has become “gonna,” “have to” has become “gotta,” “did you” has become “didja” and so on. Deceased English teachers are turning over in their graves. 

Listen to talk-show hosts and newscasters. You will hear battered English. Our speech role models are engaging in sloppy talk rather than precise language. 

Manipulated language plus mangled language results in dumbed-down listeners! Is this intentional? 

— Name and city withheld

Concentrate on equality

Recently you had an article which completely justified the Afghanistan war (“Does troop surge meet just war conditions?” Dec. 27). I could not believe this garbage. You use right-wing propaganda to justify killing innocents in an objectiveless war. We have killed over 700 innocent civilians with our drone planes. We have no clear objective, and the only territory the NATO forces have control in is Kabul itself. Even then the suicide incidents continue. 

I believe that OSV should instead concentrate more on getting racism out of our Catholic churches. CNN had a series on Latinos in America. One of the places they faced more discrimination was a Catholic church that hated their language and customs. 

I would never expect OSV to oppose war on moral grounds because they lack that element. I would expect you to strengthen the Church and fight racism. 

— Eugene Hernandez via e-mail

Pope a scapegoat

Re “Scholars ask to slow Pius XII sainthood cause” (This Week, March 7). As an ordinary practicing Catholic who believes in the teachings of the Catholic Church, I wonder where these so-called theologians come from. 

Had the pope said too much, the Vatican and the leadership would have been destroyed as Hitler wanted. An interesting book written by Rabbi David Dalen, “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope,” is well documented, including a Nazi plan to kidnap the pope. The writer is a professor of history and political science at Ave Marie University in Naples, Fla. 

The liberal media in this country and liberal Catholics have never liked Pope Pius XII. The Holocaust is simply the biggest club available for liberal Catholics to use against traditional Catholics in an attempt to trash the papacy and smash traditional Catholic teaching, especially on issues relating to abortion choice, celibacy, etc. 

— Dennis Wallin, Collierville, Tenn.

USCCB has lost its way 

I was pleased OSV addressed the problem s from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops joining coalitions with groups supporting abortion (“Group cries foul over USCCB’s coalition memberships,” March 7). Some are acceptable, others are not. If a devastating fire is ignited, USCCB could join with Planned Parenthood to extinguish it. But, it could not thereafter become a member. It is clearly improper for the conference to donate money to ACORN and to become a member of organizations supporting abortion and gay marriage. 

The conference has also joined coalitions to support the controversial health care bill. The trouble is that if the federal government controls health care by the “federal option” or by federal exchanges, it will be required by Roe v. Wade to support abortion. The conference has thus entered a thicket from which it can’t extricate itself. It urged pro-life congressmen to vote for the bill because of Rep. Bart Stupak’s amendment. It should have known that it would be deleted as soon as it hit the Senate. After deletion, it asked legislators to support the bill in the hopes that the problem could be resolved by separate legislation. 

As lay Catholics we support the magisterium. But we have the right to speak out if the USCCB does not remain a faithful steward of Chu rch affairs. The conference has lost its way and needs to be reined in. 

Who is researching the background of its employees? Is it delegating authority to employees who have their own agenda? 

In spite of these problems, I remain prayerful that our Catholic bishops will conduct a thorough investigation of the conference activities and organization and take the necessary steps so that it will become a true and faithful representative of the Catholic Church. 

— David Young, Supply, N.C.