A non-papal transition of our own

While the Church is in the midst of a historic transition between the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI and the next successor of Peter, here at OSV Newsweekly we’ve been undergoing a transition of our own. It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Gretchen Crowe as the new editor of our newspaper.

Gretchen Crowe

Gretchen has the kind of background that we value so much. She has been trained in the craft of journalism at one of the premier J-schools in the country, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also has grass-roots experience in evangelization and ministry both at Chapel Hill and at Duke. For the past nine years she has worked at the Arlington Catholic Herald, the diocesan newspaper in Arlington, Va., one of the consistently best diocesan newspapers around, so she knows the Church from a variety of perspectives and appreciates both the big picture and the local details.

She has won numerous awards for writing and photography, including a first-place award for her reporting on World Youth Day from the Catholic Press Association in 2012. She brings a robust enthusiasm for social media and the Web to the job. Communications these days must involve both print and digital, and Gretchen brings a passion to this dual role.

I hope you will extend to Gretchen a warm welcome and make her feel at home in the OSV family.

At the same time, I want to express my appreciation to Sarah Hayes, now the OSV Newsweekly executive editor, who has so masterfully guided the publication these last several months as interim editor. Sarah is one of those wonderfully competent people who simply gets the job done. She is quietly dedicated and stunningly efficient, and I owe her many thanks for all her hard work during this transition.

Along with Sarah, I would like to thank York Young, the editorial department’s managing editor, Jennifer Rey, our web editor; Erika Mann and Murray Hubley, our proofreaders; and Jessica Emmert, who had served last summer as an intern and has continued to provide editorial assistance. Chris Meadows, our librarian, helped make sure our Kindle edition was posted each week.

People who visit Our Sunday Visitor always comment on the atmosphere. Despite the pressure that comes with a weekly paper, six other magazines, books, religious education resources and curriculum, not to mention the manufacture of hundreds of millions of offering envelopes, there is an atmosphere that is friendly, collaborative and mission-focused.

It starts with great people, and it is sustained by a desire to continually find ways to best serve the Church in our chosen professions. Sarah and the rest of our Newsweekly staff — in advertising, design, marketing and production as well as editorial — embody the spirit of Our Sunday Visitor as well as the mission. Gretchen is joining a great team, and we look forward to her leadership and her contributions that will make us even better going forward.

Greg Erlandson is OSV president and publisher.